New Just Simple Solution Certificate

- First Nortonhack download here

* after download extrax then there will be two files:
Nortonsymbianhack installed on your phone.
Once installed, open the application and then select
option -> Antivirus -> quarangtine list
it will appear Hack.CODeRUS.OS9x.A then select the option again and select restore.

Now install Rompatcherplus.sisx before, and open
there will be:
-Install server RP+
-Open4All RP+

you have to do is select the menu'' Options'' and select'' auto'' add to the second file earlier.
if already now select the menu and select'' Options'' patches'' all''
If the file is to be green and in centangg, means your phone is too HACK.
if it please restart your phone and you're done.
you can install without worrying certifficate apllication error


Saimon said...

really awesome, thanks a lot

Free Download said...


Anonymous said...

yeaahh..this one great. good job man. thanks.

aditya kaushik said...

after i select the restore option it say's
restore failed file already exist

in rom patcher it show's
certificate error contact the supplier

my mobile is nokia 5230

mahesh padeniya said...

not compotable with my n97 :(

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