KokoroMOD 0.4 Vivaz

This revision includes a SIS installer, which allows the mod to be installed onto unhacked devices (Satio, Vivaz & Vivaz Pro). It still must be signed with a 17 capabilities certificate. The installer does not install all features but it does install most. For now, the SIS file just installs all the mods.

-Optimized Memory Settings which has resulted in a much more responsive device
-Updated TrackID icon in Media
-Updated Equalizer icon in Media (Thanks to PlitC for providing the icon)
-Updated Facebook application (Uses Symbian Keyboard) (Java) to version 2.64
-Uses a New method (*.cre) for setting the number of saved sent messages to 9999999
-Media shortcut icons colour has been changed to light grey to match with the Media icons
-Updated internet user agent version to R2EA
-Removed RoadSync Panel as it does not work with the Satio, even if you install RoadSync 5.
-Updated Facebook Web pub. plugins from Vivaz R2EA021 firmware. Must be installed using the .Jad file Note: Even though it will say that you have version 60 installed, this version is newer (Extra folder)
-Updated TwitPic Web pub. plugins from Vivaz R2EA021 firmware. Must be installed using the .Jad file (Extra folder)
-Halved screen rotation time
-Added more Game UID's
-Added a Movie Editor installer in the extras folder (Requires signing)
-Added a link to the Movie Editor under the video section in Media
-Fixed the "Equalizer in music and youtube in video" extra
-Removed 4x Media transition as it was causing the Media to crash at times. I've moved it to the extra folder
-Replaced Google Search shortcut on the homescreen with the calendar (Thanks to PlitC for providing the icon)
-Updated Youtube application to 2.44. All credit goes to pankomputerek (Extras Folder)
-OfficeSuite, Alternate Reader & PDF+ will automatically be moved to the organizer folder upon installation.
-If you get an error "cannot use as wallpaper" Set Open4All in Ropmatcher+ to auto and rebbot the phone (Credit to Just486 for the fix)
-Disabled Widget Security Mod as it was incompatable with mahny widgets.
-SIS Installer is now present.



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