UCBrowser V8.4.0.159 S60V5

Remember the times when you wanted to download a file but the data charge was running red alert? Or you wanted to read a
web feed but the app was too large to load? Or the countdowns for download counted to zero regardless of you were halfway to finish… All those buts will not bother you anymore because of our cloudtechnology.
UC Browser 8.4 for Symbian integrates all
cloud-side applications such as UDisk and App Gallery. This path breaker will surely help you surf the internet better than ever before.

1. UDisk——Save once, download
Different from other net disks, UDisk works with almost all web resources, because it is essentially integrated with the browser.
Just connect it with UCWeb’s account, and you can save anything to UDisk, from local storage to web resources. Each file has an
expiration date, from 7 days to infinity.
There are 70MB for long-time storage and 2GB for 7-days storage. Extra storage space will be available in the near future.

2. App Gallery——Have fun with install-free apps First time introduced with our Android version, app center is used by many users.
You can read news, watch videos, sync bookmarks directly from App Gallery.
Now, there are: UDisk, for free online
storage; Quick Reads, for quick scans on major headlines; as well as Online
Bookmarks, accessing your bookmarks
anywhere you like.
Although the initial version comes with only 3 apps, the app center will soon grow to be your web center.

3. Stable Release——In honor to Linux Kernel The new UC Browser 8.4 is an even version,
by the first digit after the point. From now on, we are trying to release odd version as feature update, and even version as stable update. This version strategy is introduced
by Linux Kernel, which used in almost every server we have.

4. Spanish Support——Hola! Qué tal todo el mundo?
In 8.4 for Java and 8.4 for Symbian, we
finally support the Spanish language. Now most Iberio-América people can use UC Browser with their widely spread native language.
We will continue to support more
languages, to serve more people around the world.

Download Here Or Here


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