New Optimizer Vivaz & Satio 1.02 (Version 4)

Hello guys, here I bring the next version of my Optimizer Vivaz & satio. I have improved some previous patch and I've added something new.

Here have promised:

1. Increased touchscreen vibration
2. Changed System Cache to increase Overall Performance RAM
3. Changed in the browser UI
4. Improved browser performance
5. Resume downloads even on restart
6. Disabled startup image
7. Changed configuration voice recorder. Note: I have tested this patch seems to be that vivaz don't activate the recording of calls. sorry
8. Changed configuration messaging.
9. Removed (FOTA) Cache for more memory.
10. Increased Speed Rotation screen
11. Increased overall speed UI
12. Speed Up Default Music Player
13. Ram Saving Camera Exit
14. Prevent all apps running in background. Note: sometimes applications continue running in the background even if you close. if we install the application jbaktaskman we can see that applications running in the background.
If you watch are in default the clock , messages, contacts and logs.
if you open and close these applications will continue to see active in the jbaktaskman. ok after you know this if you put this patch when opening and closing these applications are no longer active, so more free RAM but there is a disadvantage. when you turn the phone the clock, log, contacts and messages you see the visibly active to make it close automatically without you having to do it manually from the jbaktaskman can configure these applications to close after starting the phone.
15. Default Theme Effects On. Note: Sorry this patch don't work (I had no desire to remove) maybe work on satio
16. Increased kinetic scrolling
17. Extra Sensor Settings
18. Improved Video Capture
19. Improved Wifi Sensitivity
20. Open Close Apps Speed
21. Speed Up Gallery
22. Show Call Duration On
23. Show sim card contacts
24. Summary After Call On
25. Improve vibra control keys

Link: Download

Add I feel it in my previous post I put the bamMod but it was the last update. if this is the last BAM final (Basithz Acoustic Mod)By Basithz + equalizer + video_editor + c2z maker + e2z maker
Note: To successfully create the c2z.rmp must first enable installserver RP+.rmp and open4all RP+.rmp at rompatcher+

Link: Download


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