Optimizer Vivaz & Satio s60v5

Hello guys, I have been working to collect information on what mods were interesting for our smartphones. well then here you have a file in the fruit of my labor.
Changes that will receive it in your smartphone are:

- Increase touchscreen vibration. note: only a bit Because we do not want to consume much battery ^ _ ^
- Change System Cache RAM to increase Overall Performance.
- Increase screen Rotation Speed
- Changes in the browser UI
- Improve performance browser
- Changes browser engine configuration
- Disable startup image
- Changes voice recorder configuration, note: although I haven't checked if it is true or not but maybe we can use the apps to record conversations.
- Changes messaging configuration.
- Disable fotadiskstorage for more memory.
- Increase screen Rotation Speed.
- Increase speed mobile phone.

Hello again guys, here I bring you an update package Optimizer Vivaz & Satio v1.01(0) s60v5

This new package contains:
- Increased touchscreen vibration
- Changed System Cache to increase Overall Performance RAM
- Changed in the browser UI
- Improved browser performance (memory cache on e)
- Resume downloads even on restart
- Disabled startup image
- Changed configuration voice recorder
- Changed configuration messaging
- Removed FOTA Cache for more memory
- Increased Speed Rotation screen
- Increased overall speed UI
- Speed Up Default Music Player
- Ram Saving Camera Exit
- Prevent apps running in background
- Default Theme Effects On. Note: I Need check yet ^_^

Also here I leave this mod to increase the overall volume of phone.
I have not incorporated into the package because you can only install it manually.
Installation instructions are inside the rar. thanks to basithz for BAM MOD (Basithz Acoustic Mod) this was his last update:

Note: Too extras inside rar XD


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